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B.A.S.E. jumping, also sometimes written as BASE jumping, is an activity that employs an initially packed parachute to jump from fixed objects, as with paragliding. “B.A.S.E.” is anacronym that stands for four categories of fixed objects from which one can jump: Buildings, Antennae, Spans (bridge), and Earth (cliff).” (read more on Wikipedia)

Base Jumping

Free Fall


Jump Jump


“Parachuting, also known as skydiving, is the action of performing acrobatics during freefall, followed by deployment of a parachute. Parachuting is performed as a recreational activity and a competitive sport, as well as for the deployment of military personnel Airborne forces and occasionally forest firefighters.” (read more on Wikipedia)

Skydiving-New Zealand

Free Style

12-Way Formation with Video Over Chicagoland Skydiving Center


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